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        1. OUR COMPANY

          Founded in 2000, Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Company Limited (“Fenglin Group”) is one of the earliest engineering board manufacturers in China and the first in Guangxi Province.  Fenglin, listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2011, is also the first public company among its peers in the province.  So far its performance has been one of the best among similar companies listed in SSE. 

          Fenglin Group is a leading wood industry group in China.  It has 4 production bases, including three medium density fiber board (MDF) facilities in Guangxi’s Nanning and Baise, and one particle board (PB) facility in Guangdon’s Huizhou City.  Their total capacity is 810,000 cubic meters per annum.  To ensure secured supply of wood material, the Company owns 14,000 hectares of plantations. 

          Milestones of Fenglin’s Development

            1996 The First panel of Fenglin’s Nanning Factory came offline.This is also the first MDF panel made in Guangxi Province.

            2000 Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group founded.

            2004 International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group’s private sector investment arm, made equity and loan  investment to Fenglin Group.

            2006 Fenglin’s Baise Factory commissioned.This is Fenglin’s first continuous line.

            2007 Fenglin Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. Completed its Corporatization process.

            2008 Goldstone Investment ltd., a leading investor in China, made equity investment in Fenglin Group.

            2009 Fenglin Group was identified as a national level high-tech company.

            2010 Fenglin Group was identified as a national leader in agribusiness industrialization.

            2011 Fenglin Group listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange,raising RMB820 million.

            2012 Fenglin Group started the construction of its Mingyang Factory.

            2013 Fenglin Group acquired Asia Dekor Huizhou,now the Fenglin Huizhou Factory.This is Fenglin’s first factory outside Guangxi and its first particle board line. 

            2014 Fenglin Mingyang Factory begun to sell its products to the market.

            2015 Fengin Group begun to explore more international opportunities.

            2016 Fenglin Group considered to upgrade its 20-year old Nanning Factory,building a modern particle board line on the existing site.

          Our Strength

            Sustainable Supply of Abundant and Low Cost Wood

            GuangXi and Guangdong enjoy unique natural advantage for developing timber plantation which is the critical source of raw material for the engineering board industry.  Fenglin benefits from such abundant resources and comparatively low cost.  

            R&D Competence

            Strong R&D ability is a critical backup for Fenglin’s market competitiveness.  The company’s R&D center has 8 well-equipped laboratories and a simulation production line which are able to perform a wide range of tests and research projects for the engineering board industry.  It has close cooperation with various colleges and national institutes.  The company has been identified by the national and provincial authorities as leading researcher and innovator in the wood industry.  

            Strong Brand Name and Market Share

            FengLin MDF and particle board are accepted by the market as high quality and reliable products.  Over the years, Fenglin has a strong customer base covering furniture, door, flooring, construction and decoration, car, and electronic industries. 

            Production and Management Talents

            FengLin’s management and production team is matchless in China’s wood industry.  

            Its Board of Directors is composed of veteran investment bankers, senior accounting professionals, and experienced business administrators.  The CEO is a well-recognized leader in domestic wood industry in whose hand China’s first MDF board was made.


          • Environmental Labelling

          • CARB

          • QEO

          • CMC

          CONTACT US

                                                                                                           Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Co.,Ltd.

                                                                                                           Address:No.1233 Yinhai Road,Nanning,Guangxi,China





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